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The EXXCL approach to periodontal disease includes an easy-to follow protocol that is not case dependent. It requires no unusual probing, charting, or plotting of bleeding points. Simply:

  • Make a 2 mm periodontal nightguard per affected arch, using new models; obtain as much anatomical detail as possible and trim 2mm beyond the gingival margin.
  • Deliver the periodontal nightguard(s) to your patient, along with an EXXCL Oral Blue® (EOB) Starter Kit (one 16 oz EOB Oral Irrigant, Foamer, Toothpaste) and a Patient Instruction Sheet (click here for printable copy).
  • Instruct your patient to:
    • Brush and rinse exclusively with EOB Toothpaste and EOB Professional Oral Irrigant (as often as you recommend).
    • Fill the Foamer to approximately ½” from the top with EOB Oral Irrigant.
    • Use the Foamer to load the periodontal nightguard(s) with EOB each night before bed.
    • Insert filled periodontal nightguard(s) into their mouth and wear overnight.
    • In the morning, remove the periodontal nightguard(s), wash with warm water and soap, and set aside to air dry.
  • Repeat this protocol until the patient’s periodontal condition has resolved, usually in 12 to 16 weeks.



“Periodontal disease and gingivitis are rampant in this neck of the woods. Wow are they backing off now! In the past I thought these problems were difficult to treat and pernicious. Now they’re as easy to treat as doing a set of models. Pyorrhea sees EOB coming and runs. I’ve never seen anything like it. Teeth that were 4+ mobility are standing at attention at 1, and smiling. The teeth in Texas within my reach are happy!”

Sidney J. Fowler, DDS
Nacogdoches, TX