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  Maintain Healthy Teeth and Gums with EXXCL Oral Blue® Home Care Products

Ask your dentist about EXXCL Oral Blue® (EOB) Oral Irrigant and Toothpaste for home use.  They are the best oral health care products available today and safe for all ages.

Help prevent and virtually eliminate bleeding gums, gingivitis, and tooth decay-freshen your breath-protect your investment in dental implants, crowns, bridges, and veneers with EXXCL Oral Blue®.

Simply brush with EOB Toothpaste, rinse with EOB Oral Irrigant, and avoid food and water for 10 minutes to maintain the appropriate environment that inhibits plaque formation.

Outstanding Results
Replacing your usual dental care products with EXXCL Oral Blue® Oral Irrigant and Toothpaste promises outstanding results! Your dentist will agree.

Explore our site and discover how professionals and patients alike have found EXXCL Oral Blue® products to be an indispensable innovation in oral health care.



“Thank you for providing me with the option of improving my gum health using EXXCL Oral Blue® rinse.  I have been impressed with your ongoing commitment to excellence and innovation in dentistry since my first visit to your office in 1993. Your foresight in becoming involved with the EXXCL program of gum treatment has been of considerable benefit to me this year.

Gerianne, M., Ph.D,
San Francisco, CA